Recent occurrences of brutal racial violence in the United States in the form of the murder of George Floyd and many others have sparked a worldwide protest movement.

Scholars in the social sciences and humanities have been intensively analysing the historical processes that led to these forms of structural inequality, as well as the contemporary forms of racially based violence that reproduce them. They analyze mechanisms of socioeconomic exclusion and apply methods, concepts and theories to make such processes visible and better understandable. This gives them a special social responsibility, especially in Germany.

The members of the Institute for African Studies at Leipzig University are facing up to this responsibility. Through academic analysis and critical debate, we consistently work to contribute to the reappraisal of historical processes such as those of the colonial past and slavery. We strive to identify all structures and mechanisms of social inequality and counteract them in our respective academic fields. This includes the self-critical analysis of colonial entanglements and current structures of inequality in our discipline of African studies.

The IAS strongly opposes all forms of racially based violence and exclusion. We stand in solidarity with all who are committed to the fight against racism.