PhD Candidates

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The professor of this institute also supervise PhD students of the Graduate School of Global and Area Studies as well as students from other faculties. (U.Engel for instance supervises all of his PhD students at the Graduate School and at the faculty of social studies and philosophy, respectively.)


  Rukiya Bakari (Leipzig)
"The Role of Women in Peacebuilding: A study of Casamançais women's use of Traditional Methods to Conflict resolution" (U. Engel)
  Nadine Brückner nadine.brueckner[at]
"Femaleness in Change. Knowledge and Action of Kara Women in the 21st Century." (R.M. Beck)
  Jirayuth Chantanaphant zince.psu[at]
"The factors influenced SMEs in developing countries engaging in the global value chain." (U. Dornberger)
  Precious Chilufiya (Lusaka, Addis Ababa)
"The ZANU (PF) politics of legitimacy." (U. Engel)
  Katharina Döring (Leipzig, SFB Teilprojekt B07)
"The African Union and ECOWAS' policy on Mali." (U. Engel)
  Leon Hartwell (Washington DC)
"To mediate or not to mediate: Questioning Kyle Beardsley's 'Mediation Dilemma'" (U. Engel)
  Jens Herpolsheimer (Leipzig, SFB Teilprojekt B07)
"The African Union and ECOWAS' policy on Guinea-Bissau." (U. Engel)
  Manuela Kirberg manuela.kirberg[at]
"Narrare necesse est? Die narrative Existenz des Menschen im Spiegel ihrer Grenzen." (R.M. Beck)
  Houd Kanazoe (Leipzig)
  Cleo Mahouva (Berlin)
"The state-driven approach to Social Business in Cameroon" (U. Engel)
  Claudia Marggraf (Göttingen)
"Behind Closed Doors. How Expert Networks Diffuse Policies in the African Peace and Security Architecture." (U. Engel, 2nd supervisor)
  Patrick Erasto Mlinga (Leipzig)
  Robin Möser (Leipzig)
"The termination of the South African nuclear weapons program: an analysis of the reasons for dismantling, 1985-1993." (U. Engel)
  Felix Müller (Berlin, SPP 1448 Teilprojekt)"
Political Traditions in Transition: Ghanaian Intellectuals and Ideologies." (U. Engel)
  Édith Nabos (Leipzig)
"Nocturnal Fluidities: Navigating the urban night in Bobo-Dioulasso." (K. Werthmann)
  Michelle Ntab (Addis Ababa)
"The African Union at 50: Beyond the purpose of unity; the minimalist and maximalist visions of Africa's integration agenda." (U. Engel)
  Frank Owusu (Addis Ababa)
"Rethinking Multidimensionality: Peacekeeping Operations in the post Cold-War era in Africa." (U. Engel)
  Tony Ssembatya (Berlin)
"Citizenship and stateless persons in Uganda and Kenya." (U. Engel)
  Gerrie Swart (Stellenbosch)
"The African Union and the conflict in Libya." (U. Engel)
Janneke Tiegna (janneke.tiegna[at]
"Bürgerwehren in Burkina Faso: Jäger und Selbstverteidigungsgruppen in den westlichen Landesteilen" (K. Werthamnn)
  Lydia A. Timona (Nairobi)
"Doing the heritage city through social-spatial practices of wayfinding: A case of tourist guides in Lamu town." (R.M. Beck)
  Sven Trautmann (Leipzig)
"Das interorganisationale Verhältnis zwischen den Vereinten Nationen und der Afrikanischen Union / The interorganisational relation between the United Nations and the African Union." (U. Engel)
  Eike Turnau eike.turnau[at]
"Koloniale Hauptstädte als umstrittener Raum: Dakar und Hanoi. Colonial Capitals as Contested Space: Dakar and Hanoi." (A. Jones)
  Hatice Ugur haticeugur[at]
"The social and intellectual networks of the Ottoman and East African worlds with special reference to Zanzibar in the late 19th century." (A. Jones)
  Unterholzner Michaela michaela.unterholzner[at]
"Transkulturelle Begegnungen in Fotografien der Herrnhuter and Leipziger Mission aus Ostafrika, 1891-1940." (A. Jones)
  Annika Vosseler annika.vosseler[at]
"The visual representation of Africa in European missionary drawings in the 19th and early 20th centuries." (A. Jones)
  Kristin Weber kweber[at]
"Museen in Tanzania: Europäische und afrikanische Perspektiven materieller Kultur im Spannungsfeld des 20. Jahrhunderts." (A. Jones)
  Dorothea Werfel (Dresden)
"Infrastructures for peace in West Africa" (U. Engel)
  Nora Witt (Berlin)
"Sociology of Zimbabwean non-GPA opposition." (U. Engel)
Nestor Zanté (nestor.zante[at]
"Bürgerwehren in Burkina Faso: Selbstverteidigungsgruppen in den zentralen Landesteilen" (K. Werthmann)