Swahili Forum

NEW: Swahili Forum 21 (2014)

Swahili Forum is an international peer reviewed journal for Swahili Studies. Published since 1994 its purpose is to provide a platform for research on all aspects of Swahili language, culture and society, including book reviews pertaining to these topics. In the past years much effort has been put into quality management, especially peer-reviewing and editing.

Nevertheless, Swahili Forum remains a non-profit journal with all editorial work done gratuitously.

Representing the Swahili Studies scholarship, we have asked some esteemed colleagues to act as members of our editorial board.

Contributions are accepted in Swahili, English, German and French. Papers undergo peer review and an editorial process. Swahili Forum appears annually in March. It is an open access online journal. For further information see our guidelines.

Sacleux (1939), the most famous Swahili dictionary, until today unprecedented in historical depth, dialectological detail and philological knowledge, can be found here.

ISSN 1614-2373