Dr. des. Susann Ludwig - Projects

My PhD-thesis La chance: An Ethnography. University Graduates Making Sense of Uncertainty in Bamako, Mali examines graduates’ knowledge and describes how they make sense of their present uncertainties.

In Bamako, I met university graduates at different points in the process of realizing their futures – some of them had already achieved their goals while others have not or not yet. Degrees, internships, and efforts are important, but they are not enough to make a difference. Graduates know that la chance makes the difference: it determines the future outcome of their present actions. Everyone looks for la chance, but it does not appear for everyone - it is distinctive and it distinguishes.

In examining university graduates’ past experiences, their present situation, and their future imaginations, I suggest that university graduates create certainty by making sense of the uncertainties they face. The product of that sense-making is la chance.