The Bachelor course aims at qualifying students for an academic and critical discussion of Africa related issues on the basis of findings and methods from the humanities, cultural and social sciences (focus on sub-Saharan Africa). The B.A. course “Afrikastudien” (African Studies) both provides a professional qualification ("berufsqualifizierend") and prepares for the consecutive Master’s course “Afrikastudien / African Studies”.

Possible areas of work for B.A. graduates are:
  • Academia and research
  • Culture and media (publishing houses, fairs, cultural institutions, museums, tourism, archives and documentation centers)
  • Multicultural social and cultural institutions
  • Development aid
  • Administration, politics and economy (national and international organisations, foreign service, foundations, associations etc.)

Contact person: Dr. des. Natascha Bing.

Highly recommended for BA students is the series of lectures "Berufsfelder" that takes place in the summer term and introduces possible professions for Africanists.