Prof. Dr. Dmitri van den Bersselaar - Lebenslauf

Leiden University: MA in History (1992)
Leiden University: PhD in Social Science (1998)

Leiden University: Lecturer; Study Advisor (1996-1999)
University of Liverpool: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in History (1999-2012); Reader (2012-2017)
University of Leipzig: Professor in African History (since 2017)

History in Africa (African Studies Association), Editor (since 2010)
Work in Global and Historical Perspective (De Gruyter), Series Editor (since 2015)
African Sources for African History (Brill), Series Editor (since 1999)
Sources for African History (Brill), Series Editor (since 2006)
Liverpool Studies in International Slavery (Liverpool University Press), Series Editor (2007-13)
Review of African Political Economy (Taylor & Francis), EWG Member (2002-07)

Research Centre:
Founding Co-Director, Reseach Centre for the Study of International Slavery (a joint venture between the University of Liverpool and National Museums Liverpool) (2006-10)

Collaborations with Museums, Galleries and Industry:
Jenevermuseum, Schiedam (2006-7; 2011-12)
Tate Liverpool (2009-10; 2011-14)
International Slavery Museum, Liverpool (2005-07)
World Museum Liverpool (2000-05)
Unilever PLC (re. United Africa Company archive) (since 2001)